WSProductPRO: Info to Go!

Product points. Marketing materials. And more. Quick and concise. On any device.


  • Independent Advisors/Broker-Dealers
  • Independent Agents (IA)
  • Independent Marketing Organizations (IMO)

WSProductPRO - Bank/Life

  • Financial Institutions/Banks
  • Life Insurance

WSProductPRO: Quick Info for When You're on the Go!

WSProductPRO is an app-like site that gives you instant access to our product information, brochures, videos, rates and more with a minimal amount of clicks. It's quick and concise. And works on any device.

Use it to:

  • Survey main company collateral.
  • Scan main product points.
  • Show marketing materials to reps/clients.
  • Send marketing material by email.
  • Share a presentation on the fly.
  • Surf W&SFGD web content faster.

WSProductPRO is a resource that's always there when you need product information to go.

How It Works:

When connected to the internet, you can access for product and company information.

  • Bookmark the site on your device for future, instant access.

Agree to the financial professional attestation to enter site. Then select from one of the product categories:

  • Fixed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities (For Broker-Dealer Use Only)
  • Life Insurance
  • Immediate Annuities

NOTE: Product category selection may vary by distribution channel.

Select from the products displayed to see information.
Product availability may vary by distribution channel and state availability.

View the main information of the product you selected, such as target market, issue age, premium, etc.
Select the "Toolkit" to see main product marketing materials.

Marketing material is categorized by rep use (blue section) and client use (red section). Information includes brochures, spec sheets, sales ideas, videos, rate sheets and state availability.

 VIEW: Select the icon to view an item.

 SHARE: Select the icon to share a link to the item by email.

Note to broker-dealers sharing variable annuity materials:

You must be a broker-dealer to share variable annuity materials. A prospectus must accompany all variable annuity materials. At the top of the share page, select whether the recipient should receive an Integrity or National Integrity prospectus based on the state in which the recipient resides. A link to the appropriate product's prospectus will be automatically inserted into the body copy of the share email.

WSProductPRO features only the main pieces per product. Contact us or log into the financial professional section of for additional marketing materials.

NOTE: Do not use or share rep marketing materials with clients.

 INFO: Select the icon for more information about our company.

 CONTACT: Select the icon to see how to contact us.

Updated 08.02.18