Indextra Series

The Indextra® single premium deferred fixed indexed annuity earns interest based on changes in a market index, which measures how markets or parts of markets perform. The product offers the choice to split premium among eight allocation options. These include one linked to the S&P 500® Index, six linked to custom-designed indices sponsored by Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, and a fixed interest option. Indextra also offers protection in the form of a Guaranteed Minimum Account Value and an optional Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit available for an additional charge.

Each version in the Indextra Series has a different set of current rates, including participation rates and interest rate caps. A financial representative may offer only one Indextra Series version.

Issuer(s): Integrity Life Insurance Company


This annuity is not sponsored, endorsed, sold, guaranteed, underwritten, distributed or promoted by Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC. or any of its affiliates with the exception of any endorsement, sales distribution or promotion of this product that may occur through its affiliates that are licensed insurance agencies (excluding such affiliates, individually and collectively referred to as "Goldman Sachs"). Goldman Sachs makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, regarding the advisability of investing in annuities generally or in fixed indexed annuities or the investment strategy underlying such annuities particularly, the ability of the GS Momentum Builder® Multi-Asset Class Index to perform as intended, the merit (if any) of obtaining exposure to the GS Momentum Builder® Multi-Asset Class Index or the suitability of purchasing or holding interests in this annuity. Goldman Sachs does not have any obligation to take the needs of the holders of this annuity into consideration in determining, composing or calculating the GS Momentum Builder® Multi-Asset Class Index. GOLDMAN SACHS DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY AND/OR COMPLETENESS OF GS MOMENTUM BUILDER® MULTI-ASSET CLASS INDEX OR OF THE METHODOLOGY UNDERLYING THE INDEX, THE CALCULATION OF THE INDEX OR ANY DATA SUPPLIED BY IT FOR USE IN CONNECTION WITH THIS ANNUITY. GOLDMAN SACHS EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE EVEN IF NOTIFIED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.

"Goldman Sachs," "Goldman," "GS Momentum Builder®," and "GS Momentum Builder® Multi-Asset Class Index" are trademarks or service marks of Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC. and have been licensed for use by the insurance company issuing this annuity for use in connection with certain fixed indexed annuities.

The J.P. Morgan Strategic Balanced Index (“Index”) has been licensed to Western & Southern Financial Group, Inc. (the “Licensee”) for the Licensee›s benefit. Neither the Licensee nor Indextra Fixed Indexed Annuity (the “Annuity Product”) is sponsored, operated, endorsed, recommended, sold or promoted by J.P. Morgan Securities LLC (“JPMS”) or any of its affiliates (together and individually, “J.P. Morgan”). J.P. Morgan makes no representation and gives no warranty, express or implied, to purchasers of the Annuity Product nor does J.P. Morgan have any liability for any errors, omissions or interruptions of the Index. Such persons should seek appropriate professional advice before making an investment or purchasing insurance. The Index has been designed and is compiled, calculated, maintained and sponsored by J.P. Morgan without regard to the Licensee, the Annuity Product or any policyholder. J.P. Morgan is under no obligation to continue compiling, calculating, maintaining or sponsoring the Index. J.P. Morgan may independently issue or sponsor other indices or products that are similar to and may compete with the Index and the Annuity Product. J.P. Morgan may transact in assets referenced in the Index (or in financial instruments such as derivatives that reference those assets). These activities could have a positive or negative effect on the value of the Index and the Annuity Product.

Single Premium Deferred Annuity Contract with Indexed Interest Options series ICC14 ENT-03 1406, ICC14 EE.21 GMAV-7 1406, ICC14 EE.22 GMAV-10 1406, ICC14 EE.23 SI-MY-PTP 1406, ICC16 EE.23 SIMY- PTP-A 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-MY-PTP-B 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-MY-PTP-C 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-MY-PTP-D 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-MY-PTP-E 1608, ICC14 EE.23 SI-PTP 1406, ICC16 EE.23 SI-PTP-A 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-PTP-B 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-PTP-C 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-PTP-D 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-PTP-E 1608, ICC15 EE.23 SI-OY-PTP 1511, ICC16 EE.23 SI-OY-PTP-A 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-OY-PTP-B 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-OY-PTP-C 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-OY-PTP-D 1608, ICC16 EE.23 SI-OY-PTP-E 1608, ICC14 EE.24 ROP 1406, ICC14 EE.25 WWC 1406, ICC14 ER.03 GLWB-I 1406 and ICC14 ER.04 GLWB-S 1406.

Payment of benefits under an annuity contract is the obligation of, and is guaranteed by, the insurance company issuing the annuity. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurer. Integrity Life Insurance Company, Cincinnati, OH, operates in DC and all states except NY, and is a member of Western & Southern Financial Group. NAIC number 74780. W&S Financial Group Distributors, Inc., is an affiliated agency of the issuer. Issuer has sole financial responsibility for its products. This contract has limitations. Annuity benefits offered may vary due to misstatement of sex or age. Interest rates are declared by the insurance company at annual effective rates, taking into account daily compounding of interest.

The Indexed Interest Options have a guaranteed interest rate that will never be less than 0%, even if the index(es) goes down. The interest rate for the Fixed Interest Option is declared in advance, guaranteed for one Index Year and will never be less than 1%.

Earnings and pre-tax premium payments are subject to ordinary income tax at withdrawal. Withdrawals prior to age 59½ are generally subject to a 10% IRS penalty tax.

Western & Southern member companies and their agents do not offer tax advice. For specific tax information, consult your attorney or tax advisor. Product and feature availability, as well as benefit provisions, vary by state. See your financial professional for availability, details and limitations.

NOTE: Product availability may vary by distribution channel and state availability. Please consult your financial professional for the products they represent.

No bank guarantee.

Not a deposit.

May lose value.

Not FDIC/NCUA insured.

Not insured by any federal government agency.

Updated 09.20.18